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Since establishment, Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing unbeatable quality Piping Products to various industries.

Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. designs and manufactures variety of high performance products including: Carbon Steel HDPE lined & Carbon Steel PTFE lined Pipes, fittings, Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Nonreturn Valves and Sight flow Indicators.

Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd

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We keep all polymer lining processes completely in house and provide 100% traceability on every component manufactured. Our lined pipes and fittings are used in various industries like Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Effluent treatment and water treatment plants. Smooth conveyance and distribution of fluids is integral to all processes involved in these industries.


We are supported by a sound infrastructural base that aids us in the production of high quality Piping Products. Our infrastructural base is well furnished with high technology machines and equipment that assure maximum production in minimum time. We upgrade the production machines at regular intervals to keep pace with the advancement in the technology.


We have a pool of experienced team of professionals that works to provide optimum quality Piping Products. Our team is well versed with every aspect of production of Piping Products; hence develop high performing Piping Products


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User industries

Uni Polymers supply equipment to all the main Pharmaceutical companies in the India. Large scale project supply has seen the completion of several pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with all the lined piping and valves being supplied by Uni Polymers.
Crop Science :
The production of biocides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticide involves the use of highly corrosive chemicals, Uni Polymers have supplied large amounts of HDPE /PP / PTFE lined piping and valves to these manufacturers.
Water Treatment :
Chemicals such as Chlorine and Sodium hypochlorite are extensively used in water treatment plants. Whilst these are diluted significantly with the water, the pure chemical holding and injection / mixing lines are subject to corrosion. Our range of HDPE / PP and PTFE Lined Pipes have been supplied into these applications
Chemical Manufacturing :
Many chemical manufacturers use Uni Polymers lined piping products in their facilities, feed stock chemicals such as, sulphuric acid, nitric acid etc are all corrosive and require the use of corrosion resistant piping HDPE / PP/ PTFE lined piping is the ideal solution
Cleaning and Detergent Products :
Chemicals used in cleaner and detergents can derive from very corrosive and toxic chemicals, our HDPE /PP/ PTFE lined piping has replaced many bare polypropylene and other thermoplastic piping systems which have prematurely failed on these applications.
Fine Chemical Manufacturers :
Manufacturing of chemical substances for use in manufacturing drugs, commonly called APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) often involves the use of highly corrosive substances.HDPE / PP / PTFE lined pipes are widely used to convey such substances, it is FDA approved and is easily cleanable.
Process Plant Manufacturers :
Uni Polymers can help with the design and specification of components required in the manufacture of process skid units, process packages etc. utilizing HDPE, PP and PTFE lined products. Our piping products and valves are often used around specialist components such as filter assemblies, dryers, scrubbers etc.
Power Stations :
Fossil fuelled power stations can suffer a variety of corrosion issues, the steam and cooling water requires treatments which can corrode steel piping and valves. By using HDPE / PP /PTFE lined pipe and valves on these applications prevents the corrosion of the equipment.


Our Details

The Unique Process

The lining process for Pipes positively locks the plastic liner in the metal pipe housing while effectively relieving stresses that could cause unwanted liner movement in service.
The liner is processed under controlled conditions to a size somewhat larger than the I.D. of the steel housing into which it will be installed. It is then thoroughly inspected for conformance to specifications. Next, the liner is subjected to a battery of quality tests designed to ensure liner integrity.
The liner is then drawn through a sizing die at carefully controlled draw rates which results in a calculated reduction in the outside diameter.
A programmed heating cycle relaxes the liner inside the steel housing, resulting in a snug liner fit.Design allowances are incorporated in this procedure to eliminate undesirable stresses in the finished product.
Both liner ends of the pipe spool are then hot flared. Temperature, time and pressure are carefully monitored.
The finished pipe is then tested in accordance with ASTM F1545 standards.
This unique lining process provides lined pipe with dimensional stability under vacuum, pressure, and thermal cycling conditions, which prevents liner buckling and cracked flares within operational limits. Fittings: All fittings are lined by automated Transfer/Injection moulding process. Our in house tooling facility insures uniform lined wall thickness.

Lining Materials


Industry Standard Liner Coloration:
PTFE: White
PFA : Natural - off white
PVDF: Black
PP : Orange or Grey
HDPE: Black

Fabrication: Pipe and Fittings Tolerances:

Tolerance, in.
Length and Centerline Dimensions ± 1/ 8"
Fixed Flange Bolt Hole Alignment ± 1 / 16"
Flange Perpendicularity
(with Pipe Center line)
3/32 in/ft. of nom. Pipe diameter

Material Specification

Pipes Carbon steel ASTM A 106 Sh.40
IS 1239
(Medium Duty)
Pipe will have one end lose and other end fix flange.
Flange as per IS 2062 drilled to ANSI B16.5 Class 150
Reducer Carbon steel A 234 Gr. WPB Sh.40 Reducer will have both ends fixed flange Flange
as per IS 2062 drilled to ANSI B16.5 Class 150
Tee Carbon steel ASTM A 106 Sh.40
( Fabricated from Pipe)
Tee will have all ends fixed flange
Flange as per IS 2062 drilled to ANSI B16.5 Class 150
Elbow Carbon steel A 234 Gr. WPB Sh.40 Elbow will have both ends fixed flange
Flange as per IS 2062 drilled to ANSI B16.5 Class 150


Inspection and Tests

Hydrostatic Pressure Test: All Piping products are tested for 150 % of maximum recommended working pressure. Test pressure reaches in 1 minute and maintained for 3 minutes.
Electrostatic Test: All Lined products are tested with non-destructive high voltage tester at an output voltage of 10 Kv. to detect lining integrity or pin holes.
Visual Inspection: All finished products are visually inspected for any spots or cracks.
External Finish: All pipe and fittings are coated with Red Oxide OR as per customer specifications with an extra cost.
Note: Other customer-specified coatings are available. Upon review of the data sheets of the requested paints, however, Uni Polymers reserves the right to decline quoting customer-specified coatings based on MOC content, manufacturing incompatibility, or other factors.
Note: Normal shipping and handling can cause paint damage that requires touch-up at the job site. Costs associated with paint touch-up are for Buyer's account.